Our Company

We are a family business dedicated to the production of plantain-based snacks with salt, pepper, garlic, lemon, jalapeño, cheddar cheese and onion cream flavours. We pack our products in different sizes and export to over three continents. Our main advantage is to count with enough raw material for our production, the plantain called ”barraganete” from El Carmen. This product is made of a traditional way where we take great care to obtain good taste and quality.

VISION: We want to be a quality and variety reference point around the world through our high-end presentations and therefore become a leading company in the global market of plantain chips.


MISSION: A company dedicated to manufacture and trade quality products worldwide, meeting the demand of global market through national & international standards and techniques.


  • Dar a conocer nuestros productos netamente ecuatorianos a todos los países de América, Europa y Asia.
  • Satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros clientes proporcionando productos de excelente calidad de manera eficiente y eficaz.
  • To introduce our 100% Ecuadorian products to all American, European and Asian countries.
  • Meeting the needs of our customers by providing efficiently and effectively excellent quality products.