Our Plantains

Ecuador is a leading producer of plantain worldwide. Although its territory and population are not so large, the country supplies about 10% of world plantain production. Ecuador grows about 6 million tons of plantain every year, most of which are for export. This makes Ecuador the first world’s exporter, though countries like China and India are major producers in absolute terms they have a huge domestic consumption.

Ecuador is the largest exporter of plantain to the European Union. Its climate is more beneficial to grow plantain and other exotic fruits than northern nations. The country is located on the same line of the equator, which allows maintaining the same production volume during the whole year. Moisture and irrigation possibilities are excellent. Not surprisingly, many people claim rightly that Ecuador exports the most delicious plantains worldwide.


Short distances and good roads between plantations and ports in Ecuador are another competitive advantage. The time used from collection to delivery of the fruit by sea is minimal.